26 July 2021Berrow and Brean Good Neighbours

26 July 2021Somerset Bus Back Better: Stakeholder Feedback Form

Somerset County Council (SCC) are in the process of drafting a Bus Services Improvement Plan (BSIP), in collaboration with the County's bus and community transport operators, as part of SCCs response to Government’s Bus Back Better: A National Bus Strategy for England.

WSP are supporting SCC through the process and together we have recently started a detailed stakeholder engagement process of which you are a key member. WSP will collate and analyse the responses to this feedback form. Please note that responses you provide will only be used for the purpose of shaping the BSIP in accordance with our data sharing statement (below).

The Department for Transport (DfT) is looking for us to present ambitious but deliverable BSIP. At this stage we would like to welcome any ideas and suggestions you have so that we can use these to generate priority areas to address through the BSIP. We are keen to understand the following:

  • Areas requiring better transport provision – areas, times of day, locations to serve, profile of potential users;
  • Areas/locations where bus priority measures are required e.g. bus lanes/traffic signal priority;
  • Anything that stops people accessing and using the bus e.g. physical barriers, perception, knowledge or cost;
  • People’s perception of the bus network safety when waiting for and travelling on a bus;
  • Ideas for accessing the network by other means and potential locations e.g. ‘cycle & ride’ options or ‘mobility hubs’; and,
  • Any other ideas, issues, or suggestions.

These represent just a few ideas and themes. Please use these as a guide and not as a limitation to the thoughts and ideas that you would like to express.

Please complete the required information on the attached page and submit your feedback form by the 15th August 2021 to the following email address: Transport@somerset.gov.uk

(or by post to: Somerset County Council, Silk Mills Park & Ride, Silk Mills Road, Taunton, TA1 5AA)

Feedback form

15 July 2021Somerset Bus Partnership Wants to hear from you

Somerset Bus Partnership connects communities providing a platform for both current and new bus users in Somerset to make their views heard about the future they want for buses within the County.  The government is taking back regulation and a Bus Improvement Plan is being planned and it needs your comments by October.  The new plan will be adopted in April 2022.

Somerset people should be able to get by bus  … where they want to be …when they want to be … and their journey should be reliable, comfortable and affordable.  Have your say to what you want from your bus service.

The newly formed Somerset Bus Partnership is supported by both councillors and bus user groups across Somerset and is seeking to work in partnership with county, district, town and parish councils.


If you would like to tell us about bus services in your area or just want more information can be found at http://www.somersetbuspartnership.co.uk

05 July 2021PCC launches Police and Crime survey

Newly elected PCC Mark Shelford is calling on local people to tell him what policing issues matter most to them by completing his Police and Crime survey. 

The survey, which takes just 10 minutes to complete, includes a number of questions focusing on draft police and crime priorities and objectives, which cover a range of police topics including anti-social behaviour, burglary, hate crime, rural crime and domestic abuse. The PCC wants to ensure he is listening to communities' concerns and thoughts and would like as many people as possible to share their views on these draft objectives. 

PCC Mark Shelford said: “The PCC’s priorities and objectives are the cornerstone of a Police and Crime Plan. As your PCC, I am the bridge between local people and the police, and it is absolutely essential that I hear from as many local people as possible, including victims of crime, about my proposed Police and Crime Plan and the direction I am setting for policing in Avon and Somerset. 

“When I came into the role, I promised I would make Avon and Somerset a safer place for everyone and part of this is listening to your views, thoughts and concerns. The survey is an opportunity for residents to tell me what they want their police service to focus on. Your voice matters.” 

The 12-week survey will help shape the PCC’s statutory Police and Crime Plan for the force area. The Plan will include various aspects about policing of the area, how the Chief Constable will be held to account, and how PCC Mark Shelford will use the money to deliver an effective and efficient police service and support other services such as victim support providers. 

The Police and Crime survey will run until September. To complete the survey, visit: https://bit.ly/3h78BQe 


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