Late Joan Jackman Legacy

In February 2020, the parish council was left a legacy of £5,000 by the late ex-councillor Mrs Joan Jackman.  The parish council must administer this legacy on the strict understanding that it is only to be used for the following:

"to support the development of sporting activities on the beach and in the sea such as kite buggies, land yachts or wave jumping or an annual picnic at Brean Village Hall for the youth (< 15 years old) of the parish".

The parish council invites members of the community to contact it with a view ideas of how to use the legacy.  Please note: it must be used for the purposes stated above so could not for example be used to provide swimming lessons for children at Brean Splash as the activities must take place on the beach. Additionally, those activities are not confined to just those under 15 years of age; it is the picnic at the Village Hall which has an age limit.

The parish council has recently granted funds from the legacy to:

  • Brean Land Yacht Club
  • King Alfred Boxing Club
  • Burnham-on-Sea Sea Cadets

Please contact any of the councillors on the Contact Us page or email with your ideas.

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