15 July 2021
Somerset Bus Partnership Wants to hear from you

Somerset Bus Partnership connects communities providing a platform for both current and new bus users in Somerset to make their views heard about the future they want for buses within the County.  The government is taking back regulation and a Bus Improvement Plan is being planned and it needs your comments by October.  The new plan will be adopted in April 2022.

Somerset people should be able to get by bus  … where they want to be …when they want to be … and their journey should be reliable, comfortable and affordable.  Have your say to what you want from your bus service.

The newly formed Somerset Bus Partnership is supported by both councillors and bus user groups across Somerset and is seeking to work in partnership with county, district, town and parish councils.


If you would like to tell us about bus services in your area or just want more information can be found at http://www.somersetbuspartnership.co.uk

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