11 March 2022
Call for voters in Sedgemoor to register in time for elections this May

With local elections for the new unitary council in Somerset and town and parish councils taking place in May, voters in Sedgemoor are being reminded to make sure they are registered to vote and are able to take part on polling day, Thursday 5 May.   It’s quick and easy to register to vote, but after the deadline of 14 April, it will be too late.

The call for voters to sign up comes to encourage as many people as possible to register ahead of elections taking place this year across the Somerset.  Work to prepare for the biggest local elections Somerset has seen for a long time is well underway.

Research shows that young people, students and recent home movers are particularly less likely to be registered to vote. So, if you have moved house recently, then make sure you’re registered correctly. If you’re not registered, you won’t be able to have your say on issues that directly affect your day-to-day life in Somerset. These crucial elections are for the councillors at county level who will oversee the transition to a new unitary council, which they will then lead to deliver all the promises and ambitions of the unitary business case.  The city, town and parish councillors elected have a vital role too, ushering in a new era of community empowerment. They will be pioneers, drawing on an array of new opportunities, driving real change locally.

 To register to vote, visit https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote before midnight on Thursday, 14th April or contact electoral.services@sedgemoor.gov.uk. 

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