09 September 2022
Information following the death of Queen Elizabeth

A message from the Rev Jonathan Philpott, Rector, Benefice of Berrow and Brean

Following the sad news last night of the death of Queen Elizabeth, we have been working on an appropriate plan to mark the days of national mourning leading up to the funeral which is expected to take place in approximately 10 days.  We recognise that for many people, Queen Elizabeth has been a sign of security and stability throughout many years of change and turmoil in the wider world, and most of us will never have experienced life without her as Queen.  Her faith has also been such an inspiration to many, and she has modelled so much of what it means to obey Jesus’ command to love God and to love our neighbour as ourselves.

To mark this occasion appropriately, we are proposing the following:

  • This Sunday, our services will follow the planned format but with a moment of quiet and some prayers to begin.
  • On Sunday 18th September, we will be holding services of commemoration in both churches starting at the normal time.
  • St Mary’s will be open from tomorrow with a book of condolence, and St Bridget’s from Monday morning also with a book of condolence.  These will remain in both churches until the day following the funeral.
  • The tenor bell at St Bridget’s will be tolled today at 12noon to mark the occasion.
  • We will be holding midweek prayers at St Mary’s each day from Monday at 9:30am until the day before the funeral (not including Sundays) in which a time of quiet and some special prayers will be led on our behalf.  All are welcome to attend.
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